About Debbie

My paintings are inspired by transformative bible verses, the beauty of God’s creation, and prophecy. I became a Christian in December 2018 after a profound spiritual experience.

My professional creative history consists of commercial illustration, painting murals, bespoke canvases for businesses, and 3D character design. In January 2018, I gave up commercial work in favor of creating my own paintings using traditional methods with oil paints or acrylics on canvas.

I am now driven by a need to share those inner changes, explore biblical themes and express the deeply spiritual nature of becoming a child of God. My paintings contrast darkness to light, enslavement to freedom, peace in a storm and lost and found. Despite all the turmoil and confusion in our current uncertain times, amazing peace and freedom of mind, soul and spirit can be felt through the presence of the Holy Spirit and that is what I strive to communicate through my paintings.

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