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The Rains Came Down

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Noah and the Ark (Sandra Bowden Collections)

Imagined with a vast variety of living things parading into the ark two-by-two,  the animals intrigue most youth who hear the story of Noah’s ark and the cargo it carried. The story of the flood has fascinated children and adults alike for centuries and has captured the imagination of the artist like no other biblical narrative. Medieval artists depicted the horrors of people clamoring for high ground but more recent interpretations view the event with humor and delight.

This exhibition has 30 pieces from diverse sources and in a variety of media, some of which include: etchings by Marc Chagall, Ben Zion and Arthur Geisert, a 17th-century engraving, paintings by outsider artists Rudolph Bostic and Dorethy Gorham, two molas from the San Blas Islands off Panama, a stencil print by Japanese artist Sadao Watanabe, and charming wood sculpted Noah’s arks. Together they promise the viewer a delightful few minutes of exploring anew the beloved story of Noah and the Ark.

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