“:ShenShen210: was the first female graffiti artist on the West Coast to do quality work, and graffiti is the most important art movement in the last 40+ years.”
– Jim Prigoff, photographer, art historian, and author of the bestselling book, “Spraycan Art,” which has sold more than 250,000 copies to date.

Shen expresses the soul’s path to freedom from bondage.  She explores the transformative power yielded via relationship with the divine while thriving brilliantly through visual messages of deep abiding love.

Combining realism with abstraction, Shen seeks to bring clarity where there was once confusion. Light and details are placed within shadows, emulating the power that pain has to transform, reveal and enlighten. Emerging woodgrain reflects the many layers of being human and the seasons in which life brings. She explores relationship with the Divine Creator using mixed media, oil & airbrush, which keeps her connected with her urban graffiti
art roots.