Born on November 1,1987 in Lutsk , Ukraine. Graduated from Lviv National Academy of Arts, department of monumental painting. Priorities – street art, painting, drawing. Has been engaged in Street Art for more than 14 years. The second Special Prize of the Pinchuk Art Centre Prize 2011. One of the organizers of the Black Circle Festival(D.I.Y. street art festival). Lives and works in Lviv, Ukraine.

My urban interventions hold the balance between contemporary murals and graffiti. They shift the meaning of the space they occupy. My subjects originate from religious iconography and combine simplified religious symbols with geometrical forms to arrive at contemporary spiritual abstract form. I seeks out public and private spaces which have lost their function or have an undefined meaning and transform and revitalizes them into spiritual signal spaces..

I work in 2 spaces – outside(murals, street art) and inside(graphic, icons(not classic), paintings)

I bring the sacred beyond the church walls into public space, this signifies that He is everywhere and every place has his sacred power.

About canvases, icons and graphics – I try to find new sacral language and create my own symbols within Christianity. Also, I take dialogue from the old and new testament to represent it in a contemporary way for the public, to show that we have the same problems(as aggression, migrations, wars…) as 2000 or more years ago.



  • Katowice Street art Festival 2014,Piekary Slaskie, Poland
  • Casus Pasic, Streeat Art Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • 12, Domaine de Grandmont,Soumont, France
  • 4 Land art festival, Roztoczański Park Narodowy, Poland


  • CALENDAR. FULL CYCLE OF WORK, Dzyga, Lviv, Ukraine
  • Schafhof–Europäisches Künstlerhaus Oberbayern(residence), Freising, Germany
  • Fragments of consciousness, Schafhof–Europäisches Künstlerhaus Oberbayern, Freising, Germany
  • Streeat Art Museum(residence), St. Petersburg, Russia


  • IN THE CROSSHAIRS – Artistic dialogue with the Ukraine, Freising, Germany
  • Ukrainskij Zriz(trianalle of ukr. contemporary art), Wroclaw, Poland
  • Le Mur, Paris, France
  • Wall Drawings, Icônes urbaines, MAC Lyon, Lyon, France