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The Sacred Art of Ethiopia by Sandra Bowden Collections

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Ethiopia is one of the oldest Christian civilizations in the world from which rose a rich artistic culture. Even today, more than half of Ethiopians identify as Christian.

The Sacred Art of Ethiopia is organized to celebrate Ethiopia’s rich artistic heritage. Most of the pieces in the show are the work of Ethiopian artisans from the last thirty to fifty years who carry on ancient forms of sacred art-making in the modern era. They include elaborate metal processional and pectoral crosses that have a distinctly African appearance, folding icons, and leather and parchment paintings for Ethiopian illuminated manuscripts and prayer books. The highlight of the show is a hundred-year-old

painting on leather of the Virgin Mary and Her Beloved Son surrounded by stories from the life of Jesus.

As is so beautifully seen in The Sacred Art of Ethiopia, the purpose of these artists is to picture the Gospels in color. It is hoped that this exhibition enriches understanding of how diverse and rich the expressions of God’s people all over the world, both in the last 2000 years, but also today.



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