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Luz Art Space Logo

LUZ Exhibitions:

LUZ presents revolving exhibitions featuring works by emerging and established artists that the foundation chooses to support for visual, theological, and expressive purposes. These exhibitions will most often be group exhibitions that feature works with a common theme. The exhibitions will generally be curated in-house and have a focus on biblical text and spiritual narrative.

International Fine Art Fund

Luz Art is an arts ministry and contemporary gallery space.

We are a global community of artists, sharing the gospel thru the visual arts. We celebrate the foundational truths of the Christian faith and invite the world to encounter the Resurrection Power of the Gospel thru a visual lens.  We are dedicated to excellence, skilled in our artistic mediums, and spiritual devotion.

“Luz” specializes is world-class art exhibitions presenting curated conversations to viewers around the world.

Since the beginning… God created, and this unique individual desire to create is within man’s human nature. LUZ ART helps to encourage this desire in new voices.  Partner with us on this journey!

Our Hours:
Sunday: Open last Sunday of the month
Monday: CLOSED
Tuesday: 11AM to 5PM
Wednesday: 11AM to 5PM
Thursday: 11AM to 5PM
Friday: 11AM to 5PM
Saturday: 1PM to 4PM