I was born in Kibbutz Yavne, Israel, and currently live and work in Jerusalem. In the past few years my works focus on large-scale landscape paintings. My paintings linger on moments in which reality and abstraction co-exist. The scenery appearing in my paintings contains temporary structures of different kind and function, these are constructed with simple, almost schematic elements.

My work methods include acts of repetition, distortion, filling and subtraction. I investigate issues of mobility, stability and control while at the same time the lack thereof, suggesting several possibilities simultaneously. Amongst these appear an implied human presence, achieved by painting history fragments, remnants of fires and bodies of water.

The temporary structures spread out and conquer the landscape while at the same time blocking it, dictating scale, perspective and narrative. Though my landscapes seem to describe nowhere specific, they reflect detachment, anxiety and constant tension which characterize life in Israel.

Working in Jerusalem inspires me. Outside there is a conflicted city, unique, filled with tension and inside my studio – silence. This contradiction is the core of my work.