My testimony includes miraculous healing of my brain stem and so much more. In the process of healing and recovery from this life-threatening car accident in 2015, I was encouraged to paint. Little did I know a severe Traumatic brain injury on my left side caused a new artistic activation blooming in me as my mind healed and shifted. I see it more as just a gift given to me by the Lord.

After my new obsession with painting any and everything and trying to grow and express my inner self; we were all hit with the 2020 crisis. My heart ached for the lost and it changed everything artistically for me and my goals. I felt the Lord calling me to paint with Him. It was now my desire to be used by Him through this artistic gift. The paintings you see now are after much prayer and a process of finding and expressing what the Lord has in His word and an image I feel called to share.
Its been a privilege and also a growing process internally of my own to do this kind of work, this beautiful way to share the gospel and the Lords heart.
I am a self taught oil painter and scratchboard artist. I love sharing my art, my testimony and I do live acrylic prophetic paintings as well.

Heather Strazza