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My Beloved

Yeltsin Canini describes “The Universal Bride,” a painting that is unfinished at the time of this interview. Opening May 3rd at LUZ Art Dallas, the finished piece will tie together the My Beloved exhibition. He says, “The Universal Bride” is “all nations coming together to be the beloved of the King and to be with Him in His Kingdom.” My Beloved is a series representing seven countries with portraits of seven brides. Canini researched bridal garb and traditions to symbolize each nation. This parallels the anticipation of the church being ready for its bridegroom Jesus Christ. The universal theme represents the reality that salvation is available to all, and that God celebrates our unique qualities and cultural ways of worship.

The brides are a mix of nations – India, China, Korea, Germany, Israel, Ukraine, and Ethiopia – also represent Biblical figures. In Korea, the bridal procession includes a dancer who announces the arrival of the bride and groom. To Canini, this symbolizes David ushering in the Ark of the Covenant. Germany represents Mary. She is carrying a lamb to represent her role as a vessel that carried Christ into the world. Canini parallels the attempted eradication of one breed of German sheep to the killing of male children and newborns by King Herod. A few sheep survived, and Jesus was kept safe and fulfilled his purpose. “Mary is carrying a remnant of what will be sent to the slaughter,” says Canini, “the last sacrifice for our sins.”

Ultimately, the bride is a symbol of mankind. Canini recognizes that men may struggle with this symbol. He interprets it as being deeply known by God and submitting to his sovereignty, for men and women. “Men can be the bride, too, and see God as our beloved,” says Canini. “We are under his covering all the days of our lives and will be in eternity with him.”

The universal focus of the exhibition transcends current issues surrounding the opposition of genders, racial and ethnic strain, and literal warfare. We are all the beloved of God and are called to recognize his sovereignty over us.

View My Beloved at LUZ Art Dallas
Opening May 3rd, 2024
1640 Irving BLVD
Dallas, TX 75207

Yeltsin Canini’s paintings are informed by a passion for art history and personal spiritual revelations. Canini began studying painting while living in Puerto Rico at the age of fourteen. He later moved to Dallas, Texas, and studied fine art, art history, and museum studies at Dallas College and the University of Texas at Arlington. He has created award-winning fine art and museum education programs.

My Beloved - The Universal Bride Poster

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