Family, Culture, & Faith

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Opening on October 21st at LUZ ART, Family, Culture, & Faith is a collection of memories and stories revisited by Mark Hernandez with a renewed perspective. Hernandez is a married father of four, an art educator, who serves as a pastor. The portraits explore the complexities of family life, culture, and hardship, with a focus on hope. Looking back on the narratives of his family history through the lens of his Christian faith has allowed him to see beyond the difficulties that used to be his focus, and into the spiritual qualities of the experiences. “God called me to paint how I see Him through the portraits of my family,” he says. The portraits are “a story of how God moved in these people’s lives.” Bold colors and strong mo9fs support the stories that are told on each person’s face. Hernandez’s portraits are a process of healing from cultural and generational wounds.

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