Neon Hands and Heart | Luz Art Los Angeles, CA
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As It Is In Heaven marks the first exhibition at LUZ Artspace. The gallery and concept storeʼs inaugural show in 2018 brings together half a dozen artists and designers who represent the mission and vision of LUZ:

  1. A) Essential Conversation
  2. B) Play
  3. C) Creative Culture

We want to speak in meaningful terms. We want joy and surprise. We want people to share with.

In popular imagination, ʻHeavenʼ is visually depicted as walkways or stairs with amorphous clouds and endless, blinding light. This other-worldly, white-noise bliss indicates a great unknowing about any afterlife. But as the Lordʼs Prayer and Belinda Carslisleʼs pop song “Heaven on Earth” is suggestive, an experience of paradise to be found on this collective plane of existence. Our ancestors cannot be far off. The parallel universe, in fact, the multiverse, is not dismissed.

The meta- sits with the metaphysical. Yesterday shakes hands with tomorrow. We want LUZ to go there.

“Ooh, heaven is a place on earth”
-Belinda Carslisle-

“On earth as it is in heaven”
-Lordʼs Prayer-

“I think of space not as the final frontier but as the next frontier. Not as something to be conquered but to be explored.”
-Neil deGrasse Tyson-