Natalia Satsyk is an iconpainter, born 1984 in Lutsk and based in Lviv, Ukraine. 2008 she graduated from the Lviv National Art Academy – Department for Iconography. Since its beginning back in 2006 Natalia Satsyk co-developed the Symbolum Sacrum Foundation for contemporary sacred art. After a range of personal exhibits in Ukraine, Poland and the Netherlands and a long list of participation in group exhibitions, Natalia Satsyk is pursuing her dream – painting for liturgical setting. In a longstanding friendship with Hearts Home she designed a chapel in Vienna (2015) and is working on a chapel in Geneva. In the manifold oeuvre of Natalia Satsyk the icon is reminiscent in transparency and lucidity of colors enhanced with a touch of acheiropoieta (a non-man-made) flair of her painting. There is always something remaining unsaid and revealing a humble, subdued stance for the viewer. Yet the artist’s consistent point persists in abstraction, as well as icons and even in her tender drawing: the profound drama of human existence in the permanence of suffering and grace, Crucifixion and Resurrection in chorus – in each stroke, in each splash of color. There are works that leave you behind in silence and peace, however, the paintings of Natalia Satsyk pass by disquieting you and granting awkward grace.