Eliad Landau is a contemporary artist living and working outside of Jerusalem, Israel.  His work spans mediums, from sculpture, to calligraphy, textile works, and performance.  Landau’s creative perspective comes from a foundation of traditional Yeshiva school, where religious texts are studied at length, and the creative expression that art school afforded him.  At Jerusalem’s Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Landau began searching spiritually on the canvas and found his own “beit midrash.”  In the Hebrew language, this means “house of searching” or “house of quest.”  This experience deeply affected Landau and continues to influence his work.  The artist says, “My artistic quest is my life quest.  It’s a spiritual quest.  It’s a search of connection, renewal, and community.”  Landau’s current studio space, a large tent outside of his home, embodies this openness yet speaks to temporal sacred spaces in religious texts.  The artist’s search continues in a variety of mediums and can be seen in the 2017 Jerusalem Biennale.